In a recent survey it was found that over 21% of computers in the UK are open to cyber attacks. We are offering to test your PC security settings to see if you are properly protected against hacker intrusions, trojans & viruses. This service is free of charge for a limited period.We will then create a report highlighting any vulnerabilitiies we discover on your computer and make recommendations into how these can be resolved. You can book a PC MOT appointment at our Support Centre.  
How it works Rem
A security consultant will connect remotely to your PC using a version of Team Viewer 10 that is fully licensed for commercial use. Team Viewer is a secure way connecting to PCs used and trusted by many international corporations for desktop support (e.g. Microsoft, Intel, Lufhansa, Siemens, Dell, Citroen, Volkswagaen, Dell, IBM, Fujitsu, Mitsibishu etc) No changes will be made to your PC during the check-up.