Your Logo

Your logo is all about the image you want to present to your potential clients. It will help them remember you. No matter how small your enterprise a professionally designed logo is now readily available to you. 

Foxtek is our own project to promote stealth technology applications particularly VPNs. We chose the web domain name We register your own domain name at no cost if you choose our web design or hosting package.

So what does our designer need from you?

1. Your chosen name to incorporate in the logo (e.g.
2. The business you work in (e.g. stealth technology applications)
3. Your preferred color choices (e.g. white, red and blue)
4. A slogan or tagline if you have one (e.g. stealth technology)
5. Example logos for the type of style you are looking for (upload example logo designs)
6. Anything other specific points e.g.object, animal, plant or any symbol that may refer to your company (fox head front profile image was an obvious choice)

Once you have approved a proposed designs you can request optional artwork in a high resolution file format suitable for printing (letterheads & business cards) and for the web (a transparent logo) |
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